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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The 2010 Football Season is Underway- Good Luck to All!

Well, it's finally here!  All that hard work in the off-season - time, effort, and energy - to get bigger, faster, and stronger is about to either bare fruit or whither on the vine.

Just when I thought that the football season wouldn't get here, and the early morning workouts would continue on forever, it's here.  Then quickly the heat sucks out all off your enthusiasm, and you think to yourself, "WTF! Why am I doing this again?"

After awhile, your body becomes accustom to being uncomfortable and the hours of work seemingly go from the insane to the mundane to a routine.  Then, it hits you.  As much as you say that you are doing it for the "kids".  You realize that you are being selfish.

After all that misery mentioned above and not mentioned, standing there on the football field with the whistle in your mouth and your hands on your hips, your body language suggesting that you are the owner of the 100 yd by 53 yd patch of real estate, you begin to feel alive.  You begin to feel that you have real purpose.  You begin to feel that there is meaning to your existance, and your world becomes right again.

I wish nothing but the best to all those involved in the game this season.  Good luck!

God, I love football!

Coach Emond

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Second Day of Preseason Practice

Two practices in the books. Despite the overcast clouds as a result of the thunderstorms that passed through the area before practice, it was still hot on the synthetic turf, and I'm right in the middle of a nasty head-cold, which I especially hate dealing with in the summer months. It's going to take me a little getting used to; I came home and went to bed right after making dinner last night.

It's interesting coaching kids that have run the same offensive style of football since they began playing the sport in middle school. They all know the plays, terminology, and for the most part even the techniques used. It's a challenge for me because I have to make up for lost time in order to appear knowledgeable. If I don't, I'll lose their respect very quickly and it will be very difficult to get it back once it's gone. Loss of respect is a very big reason why so many football coaches get fired after a few too many losing seasons- even at the high school level.

Normally, a football team's defense is ahead of it's offense in terms of playbook and execution. They tell me that the school I'm at has been running the same offensive style for over thirty years. However, this season the defense is installing a new playbook, which makes the defensive unit behind right now. It shouldn't take long before the boys are running around at full throttle. Lucky for us, there is no contact allowed until August, so we still have time to get it right.

Good news, the daughter's boyfriend has decided to help out with our football program. He still has some free time on his hands until he lands that first job out of college (the economy is going to be tough on his generation). So this means that he and I will get to develop a bond and my wife will have company during the football season.

That's all for now, back to my honey-do list. Our next practice isn't until Monday, so I'll make another post then.

Coach Emond,

P.S. Many thanks to those who became my first blog followers. I hope more are soon to come.